Since publishing my 'What "Real" Men Cry Like' and 'What "Real" Women Laugh Like' series in December 2014, the series have enjoyed great success and sparked conversations all over the world. I could not be more excited about this, as this was exactly what I hoped to achieve with the project - spark debate and raise awareness. 

Although my initial intent was simply to let the photos/participants speak for themselves, I was quickly also asked to voice my personal thoughts and opinions on the topic of gender and bias, both through interviews (radio / articles) as well as through speaking at events connected to these topics. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this, as it gives opportunity to give a deeper message and connect with people in real life.

So far, I have spoken about the general topics of (toxic) masculinity, gender, and bias. With a background in Anthropology & Psychology, and the necessary hands-on experience and insights I gained through the project, my message is well-informed and academic.

As I am looking to gain more experience with public speaking, and primarily want to spread my messages, I do not currently ask for a fee, just travel costs reimbursements.

Think you might have a stage for me, or want to know more? Contact me here.


Events I've spoken at 

 TEDxVienna 2018: Simplexity -Volkstheater, Vienna

De Nederlandse Filmnacht (Dutch National Night of Film) - Ketelhuis, Amsterdam

Gender Avond AEGEE (Gender Evening
) - CREA, Amsterdam


Watch my TEDxTalk:

(Youtube caption:) We are all walking, talking sets of belief systems, but WHY do we believe what we believe? There are so many different things to believe in, yet we all tend to think our beliefs are "right" - but are they? With her photo series, Dutch photographer Maud Fernhout challenges the viewer to ask themselves these questions.

Blog post about my TEDx experience coming soon!