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Out of ideas? Copy others!

Every creative goes through them - creative blocks. Times where we want to create new work, but have no idea what that new work should actually look like. Then, the harder we try to force ourselves to come up with new ideas, the less inspired we become, which can leave us feeling frustrated and defeated. Sometimes, it can even make us put our camera (or other creative tool of choice) down for a while. We blame ourselves, and start doubting our abilities. This is such a shame! Insecurities and creative blocks are a necessary part of the creative process - for me, facing and breaking through them has in the past led to some of my best work. Over the years, I’ve acquired a few personal ways of doing this facing and breaking, and one of them is by copying others. Obviously, I’m not talking about blatantly copying the exact work of someone else and presenting it as your own -that would be theft-, but rather using the ideas of others to draw inspiration from for new work. Personally, I’ve used this a few times in the past half year, and I’ll go over some examples in this post.

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7 Tips for Shooting Fashion Photos on a Budget

You don’t need a studio, experienced model, or grand budget to shoot awesome pictures. As I’ll show in this post, all you really need is a camera (even a phone will suffice!), a fashionable friend, and ok-ish weather. With those ingredients in mind, here are 7 tips on how to shoot awesome fashion photos, right outside your door.

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