Minimalism & Jewelry: A collaboration with Pepita Barber


As I’m increasingly becoming more of a minimalist, I’m not really one for promoting brands - in a world where we all have too much stuff already, urging others to consume generally goes against my principles. However, for me, minimalism isn’t just about getting rid of everything you own and never buying anything; it’s about being more conscious about the things you do choose to bring into your life. Which is why I was happy to make an exception when Pepita Barber, a small Spanish jewelry brand run by two sisters, asked me to do a collaboration with them, and feature some of their pieces in a photo shoot.

the brand

They are a small and sustainable brand, and they offer a small selection of beautiful, minimalist, stainless-steel jewelry. They have 2 types of earrings, 4 types of bracelets, and 8 types of necklaces, which you can get in Rose Gold, Silver, or Gold. For me, this was a big selling point - I’m very bad at decision-making, so having a brand that sells beautiful items, but only a few of them, makes my life a little easier. I was allowed to choose my own 2 pieces for the collaboration, and I chose the Gold Leo Necklace and Gold Kundalini Bracelet, which are featured in the photos below, which I took for the brand.


why I said yes

Coincidentally, around the time when Pepita Barber approached me, I was actually looking to buy a set of sustainable jewelry myself, and the pieces I ended up with are perfect for me. I have been wearing them around the clock, and couldn’t be happier. When I was younger, like many girls in our society, I was drowning in tons and tons of low-quality “jewelry”, which would break or discolor within months, and which I would generally quickly grow old of. Over the last few years, I have gotten rid of almost all of these old items, and the pieces I do still own, I rarely wear. The same goes for my clothes - I have simplified what I wear a lot, and now I was looking for a few great, durable items to go along with it. The Pepita Barber pieces are perfect for me - I’m a Leo and love lions and what they symbolically represent, and the same goes for the Kundalini snake. This minimalist approach to accessories, where I basically have a few items I wear all the time, has really changed my connection to the pieces, and makes me appreciate and enjoy them much more. They are a bit more of an investment, but that only ups their value, and I think you’d win that back in the long run, both financially and ethically.

The Gold Kundalini bracelet

The Gold Kundalini bracelet

The Gold Leo necklace

The Gold Leo necklace


get your own

If you are looking to buy a beautiful, sustainable piece of jewelry, I think this is a great brand. Nevertheless, I would urge anyone to do their own research into the brands and pieces you want to buy, and to make those decisions consciously! In my experience, less really is more.

If you would like to get your own Pepita Barber piece, you can use the following discount for 15% off:


As part of the collaboration, I get a small percentage of the proceeds any time this code is used, so you would also be supporting me as an artist!

If you do get one, I’d love to know what piece you got.