Photographing Scars for Be You Magazine


Back in January, I took photos of the scars and stretch marks of 6 young women, for the Be You Magazine project by Karlijn van Mil. This was also the first official shoot I did in my new home studio! Check out the project and some of the photos below.

For her school thesis project, Karlijn is creating a magazine aimed at celebrating the imperfections of young girls and women under 25. One of the issues she’s discussing is that of scars and (relatedly) stretch marks, and she was looking for a photographer to take photos of 6 of her interviewees and their scars, to be featured in the magazine.

I thought her project was really cool and it fits right into my scope of interest as a photographer, so I immediately responded to her online call. I had also been planning my own project about self-harm scars, so this was welcome practice. Although those photos turned out quite differently, I definitely gained some inspiration and insights from this shoot for that project.

As I was only involved in this project as a photographer, I couldn’t tell you in-depth background stories to support the photos - for more information about Karlijn and the Be You Magazine, check out her dedicated Instagram account!

I had a lot of fun taking these photos, and I hope they can help inspire young women (or just people, really) to accept and love their bodies the way they are. Our imperfections only make us uniquely beautiful, nothing less.

Let me know what you think of the photos in the comments! Also, I am always open to doing collaborations like these. Contact me here if you have a project you would like to maybe work on together!


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